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Worthy to Narrate

Monday October 14th 2019

Our lecture this month was in the Art Gallery where society members congregated around the painting “How Lisa Loved the King” by Edmund Blair Leighton.  This work of art was familiar to many of us as the society had paid for the cleaning and restoration of the painting back in 2016 as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations.

 Paul Payton, a member of the society and a volunteer at the hall, opened our eyes to many features of the painting which may previously have gone unrecognised.  How often do we look at a painting and come away without any idea of what the artist was trying to convey?  With Paul’s guidance and insight, we looked afresh  (even possibly for the first time) and saw so much more.  Many of us returned later to look yet again and to perhaps begin to understand the many layers of interpretation within our observations.  

This was followed by afternoon tea in the Green Regency Room.