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Well, what can I say? ! - Pat Ascroft, you are a super star! - Not only for all the fund raising challenges that you undertake to raise money for MENCAP, but for the wonderful way you presented your tale of “Dog Sledding in Sweden” at our April lecture.
I don’t think I’ve ever had as many people come to me after the lecture to say how much they enjoyed it and many (myself included) had thought ‘Oh, dog sledding in Sweden - not sure about going to listen to that “ but how much we all enjoyed Pat’s tale, how she told it and how interesting we found it. I was so wrapped in listening to Pat and watching her antics that I quite forgot to take any photos - so apologies for that - the above picture is from the tour organiser’s website.
Pat took us on a wonderfully amusing  journey from her first learning about the trip to the learning curve of the actual sledding and the delights and despairs she experienced on this challenge - she has completed many weird and wacky challenges but this, she said, had been the hardest, the most challenging (and not only because she is diminutive in size and of a certain age!)
A wonderful lecture, Pat - thanks again!