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The Ellen Nussey Scrap Book

Mrs Audrey Hall, a member of The Townely Hall Society and the Vice President of The Bronte Society, gave us a talk and DVD presentation about Ellen Nussey’s Scrapbook.

Mrs Hall had family connections to Ellen Nussey who was a lifelong friend and correspondent of Charlotte Bronte after they met at Miss Wooler’s school, Roe Head, Mirfield.

Mrs Hall’s knowledge of the Brontes and, in particular Ellen, has stemmed from the large amount of correspondence, photographs and family information bequeathed to her.

After a suggestion from Mrs Hall’s husband, David, they decided to save for posterity Ellen Nussey’s scrapbook which was by this time, after over 150 years, beginning to fall into some disrepair. Mr Hall is a talented amateur photographer with a special interest in the making of DVDs.  They took on this task, David doing the production and the making of the discs, Dr Steven Florczyk writing the script and Audrey narrating. Quite a task for all concerned!
The Scrap Book is an eclectic collection of picture cuttings, paintings and many various things that took Miss Nussey’s fancy.  Audrey has now donated the Scrap Book to the Bronte Society in order that it can be seen by the Brontes’ world wide following.

The revenue from the sale of the DVDs is going to the upkeep of her grave at St peter’s Churchyard at Birstall in Yorkshire.

The members and guests of the society greatly enjoyed Mrs Hall’s presentation.