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The History of Freemasonry

Our March meeting was addressed by gentlemen from the Freemasons lodge at Nelson House in Burnley, three District officers, WBro Bob Allan, District Chairman, WBro Walter Coupe, Deputy District Chairman and the District Communications Officer, WBro John Wilkinson.  

After an introduction by Rita Walsh. WBro’s Jackson and Allan gave a brief introduction to the presentation and handed over to WBro Wilkinson who delivered the Lecture.

They told us of the history of Freemasonry originating from ancient history and consolidated in the Masonic guilds of the Middle Ages. The ceremonies, regalia and traditions were spoken of (as far as is allowed) and the principals on which Freemasonry was founded were explained.  WBro Bob Allan then exhibited a number of Masonic Aprons and explained their significance

This was followed by a lengthy and lively time of questions and comment. The Question and Answer session lasted almost an hour, after which the Society President, Mr Tony Mitchell, thanked the District Officers for their lecture, and WBro Jackson for arranging it.

(L to R) Deputy District Chairman, Walter Coupe; Society President, Mr Tony Mitchell;

District Communications Officer, John Wilkinson; Society Chair, Mrs Rita Walsh and Keith Jackson

John Wilkinson

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