Thanks to all who contributed.

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Costumes made by Cynthia Hewitt have been donated to Towneley Hall.

The servants costumes are available in the servants hall for children visiting the hall to use for dressing up.  The WW1 uniforms, the servants outfits and the Egyptian costumes are used in the schools learning programme.

Many thanks to Cynthia!

A photoshoot was held at Towneley Hall on Monday 27th July.

Many thanks and well done to all our wonderful models : Eleanor, Elizabeth, Maise, Neve, Ruhlie, Eli and John (Eli’s dad!)

The maids, the cook and the butlers hard at work in the kitchen.
Walk like an Egyptian!
Mary Queen of Scots & John Knox
WW1 Nurse & Medics
Cynthia has also altered some of the costumes in store at Towneley so they can be worn by staff at special event days